High quality digital video content and bespoke coverage of your sport - from real-time social media clips to multi-camera livestreams to complete digital content strategies.


We produce high quality event coverage, promotional features, interviews, or highlights to suit your social media, livestreaming, or TV broadcast objectives.



  • Livestreaming can take different forms – from single fixed-camera to full TV outside broadcasts. Utilising the latest technology we produce live multi-camera coverage at a fraction of the cost of TV outside-broadcasting.

Highlights and features

  • Give fans added value and player access with a range of match highlights, interviews, and behind-the-scenes features.

Real-time social media

  • Digital content should be immediate. Fans are hungry for updates in real-time – but instead of just reading the latest news, we can help them watch it by producing fast-turnaround action clips – ideal for engaging your audience on social media channels.

We publish, archive, and manage your YouTube or White Label Channel content in a way that maximises its social and commercial impact.


There’s a lot of video content out there, so to prevent yours becoming lost in the ether, it’s crucial to curate in the right way.

  • QTV Sports is one of the UK’s leading practitioners of YouTube channel management. We create, brand, and manage channels for individual events and clients.
  • We understand the importance of metadata and in-video programming to attracting, retaining, and growing your subscriber base.
  • We demonstrate painstaking attention to detail to ensure that your content is shareable, targeted, and easily discoverable.
  • We ensure your content is presented in an engaging, consistent, and intuitive way for your audience.
  • We protect your assets against copyright infringement.

Whether you are looking to re-vitalise old archive or launch a new content strand, we can help you package and present it in a way that will maximise its impact.


We identify multiplatform markets across digital, print, broadcast, and social media, ensuring your content reaches the widest possible audience.


Once you’ve established your video platform, it’s important to let people know your content is there. Seeding your content as widely as possible is the best way to generate and grow your reachable audience.

We can help you increase the media exposure of your event in a number of ways:

  • Package and distribute your preview content in relevant media markets – from local newspapers to international broadcasters and media agencies.
  • Adopt a targeted social media strategy that utilises the activation power of your athletes to bring followers to your content
  • Identify “broadcast” partners and commercial third-party sites to host your livestreaming and expand your reachable audience.
  • Identify appropriate rights agencies with penetration in international TV markets.
  • Create and distribute newsworthy stories from your content that will enhance your organisation’s reputation and profile.

We develop digital content strategies that generate long-term fan engagement and convert your events into marketable products that activate commercial partnerships.


Digital is now the public face of your organisation. Video is the key driver of online traffic. And content is king! Your digital video content is your product and engaging your digital audience should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. It should reflect your organisation’s professionalism, integrity, and ambition. But it should also reflect the vibrancy, passion, and humour of your fans.

We work with you to develop long-term content strategies that build sustainable audiences on social media and video platforms and that generate a buzz around your membership or audience.

Engaging fans across the world also provides a unique analysis into who your fans are and how they behave. This can be valuable in informing strategy and governance, and crucial in negotiations with commercial partners.

The long game for all SGBs and IFs in providing digital content is as a revenue stream. Whether it is by charging users directly or by attracting new or bigger commercial partners, presenting themselves as a marketable product worth investing in is the ultimate goal. Offering to “badge” events is no longer enough. Commercial partners look for opportunities to exploit sports fans’ passion and emotional connection. Digital video content can help you achieve this: active engagement activates sponsors. The long game for all SGBs and IFs, in providing digital content, is as a revenue stream.


Listen to the views of our partners. Scroll through to see more UK and international clients.


QTV Sports is the go-to company in Europe for cricket content. Here’s what our cricket partners had to say about working with us…


Scottish Swimming is a standard-bearer in Scotland for digital content use and has a holistic approach to digital media. Swim Wales is just beginning that journey. Listen to their experiences of working with us.


Taking ownership of your coverage can be daunting. Our experienced team will guide you through the process, manage your expectations, and deliver a high quality product with minimum disruption to your event.

With over a decade of TV production experience, Jack is the creative driving force behind the development of QTV Sports. His first foray into sports broadcasting was fluffing his lines during a half-time match report from Somerset Park in Ayr. Despite this early setback Jack’s passion for sport remained undimmed: he is an accomplished swimmer and a keen – if erratic – golfer, footballer, and cricketer.



Drawing on 24 years’ experience as a BBC engineer and producer, and a further 20 years in the private sector, Mike is the metronomic mind that keeps the QTV creatives in check. He is a cricketer, a cricket coach, a cricketing father, a cricket journalist and a cricket fan. Unsurprisingly, QTV Sports started life covering…well…cricket.



After 10 years as a Series Producer and Director on network programmes in the UK with the BBC, Endemol, and Discovery, Angela is now based in Dubai with her young family (her munchkins!) as a company director aiming to exploit growing opportunities in a region abuzz with a constant stream of international sporting events.


Business Development, Middle East

Tim's focus is developing quality coverage at all levels of the international game. His knowledge of global cricket has been described as both 'encyclopaedic' and 'baffling', often by the same person. The latter also aptly describes his batting technique. A commentator, documentary-maker and vocal champion of a bigger, better, global game, Tim has written for Wisden, The Cricketer and All Out Cricket.


Head of Cricket

Mark has been editing sports content for over six years. He is the definition of an armchair fan and can mainly be found buried behind a screen either in the office or on location. Despite dismissing editing as a stop-gap whilst he waited for a call-up from his beloved Celtic FC, Mark has resigned him to managing all of the company's post-production activity. He remains a keen sports fan who will happily talk football for hours with complete strangers.

Mark Feechan

Head of Post-Production

As Production Manager Charley is with each production from idea to execution, her no nonsense approach keeping every aspect of every production in check wherever in the world it may be. A self-confessed petrolhead with a knack for spreadsheets, it’s her eye for the finer details that ensures every project runs smoothly and on budget, a true driving force within the QTV team.

Charley Lines-Sutton

Production Manager

‘The BFG’ found his niche with QTV Sports as a gallery producer and has been a vital part of the company’s growth since its inception. He’s an Australian cricket (naturally) enthusiast whose sporting views are never impartial (or quiet). But as producer of QTV Sports outside broadcasts, the big Aussie is as mellow as they come - keeping clients and crew on an even keel in high pressure live environments.

Seth Edwards

Producer, Live Events

A keen cyclist with a love for lycra Danny adds a sprinkle of creative flair to QTV. Whether in a live environment or shooting behind-the-scenes features, Danny provides an aesthetic polish to each QTV production. With an eye for colour and that uncanny ability to find the perfect graphic style, he ensures that every project remains on-brand and exceeds expectation.

Danny Fullerton

Producer, Features


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